So you’ve just finished the set list in the service – you’re home free right? Far from it; now you kick into the next gear to keep building the service. A lot of times we plan and practice for the worship set thinking that’s our part, but forget that our role is not just musical, it’s a ministry platform. What we do is ministry and musicianship is the vehicle we use to get there. 

Sometimes it’s just the keys player playing but the band needs to be ready to jump in at any time – we are hosting the presence of God and creating an atmosphere for ministry to take place. Here’s some keys that I’ve learnt to help your team stay in the zone:

1. How You View What You Are Doing Will Determine Your Outcome

If you see it as ‘background music’, that’s how you’ll play. If you see it as ministry you’ll shift your posture and be more aware of what you play. You are partnering with the meeting leader or pastor to minster WITH them. 

2. Never Be Apologetic For Your Presence

You are not there to be in the background so be bold and deliberate in what you do and play. That doesn’t mean that you play loudly or show off your best licks – it means you are there with purpose so play with purpose.

3. Have Your Spiritual Antenna Up

Read the meeting – where is it going? Where is the meeting leader or pastor going? Where is the Holy Spirit? People can encounter God during the offering just as much as the worship set – be aware of what’s happening spiritually so you can minister from that place.

4. Follow The Speakers Dynamics

As a band, be able to increase or decrease your intensity within seconds. If the speaker is getting really loud and intense and the band is playing a dreamy progression you may as well have a rubber band around the speaker pulling them back. Go with them! But be so aware of where they are going that you meet them when they pull back. Sit right underneath them – you are there to enhance but be sensitive so you don’t distract from what is happening.

5. Be Ready To Transition

Be forward thinking so that you can transition as a team to wherever the meeting goes. Worship leaders, already be singing quietly underneath when the speaker is wrapping up so there’s no delay in transitioning...don’t let the ball drop – keep it in the air – keep it soaring.


Chrissy x

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