How good and pleasant it is when God’s people live together in unity! For there the Lord bestows his blessing even life forevermore.
— Psalm 133

Unity is worth fighting for. When we work hard at being in agreement with each other, The Lord has no choice but to bring blessing. Unity is a spirit and cannot be faked.

We often throw around the concept of unity within a team and make bold confessions that we are all together and on the same page, but you'll never see unity reach it's full potential until you're celebrating the success and blessing of those around you. Being saved doesn’t separate us from the reality of human nature and all that goes with it. It's not uncommon for unity within a team to be challenged when individuals in a team feel a sense of disconnect or insecurity about where they are at.

For a team to be unified, they first must decide to be deliberate about their agreement. Disagreement is seldom the result of an individual having a better take on things or a contrary opinion to the way something should be done, but rather symptomatic of deep seated feelings of insecurity that need to be appeased by being heard or validated. The willingness to find the points of agreement is a sure sign of self actualisation and the evidence of one's journey to maturity and growth.

When we continually decide to agree with others around us on the basis of conforming to the principles of the Word of God, and continue to do this, we eventually have influence over the culture around us. Why? People begin to see the blessing that God bestows and there comes a realisation that we don't need to strive for that blessing but rather adopt the spirit of unity which moves the hand of God anyway. 


Ryan was the Music Director of C3 Church in Sydney Australia for over 13 years and in 2017 moved into a pastoral role at C3 Church Oxford Falls as well as taking on the Music Faculty for C3 College.


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