Servanthood: A Piece Of Our Worship

Servanthood starts with an understanding of who Jesus is. When we look at His life we see His heart to serve others. Servanthood is really about love. Loving God and loving others. When we get a heart for people created by God, we get a heart to serve no matter what context.

But whoever would be great among you must be your servant...even as the Son of Man came not to be served but to serve.
— Matthew 20:26

We see how Jesus describes greatness in the Kingdom - it's not about a task, it's a revelation of serving people. The revelation of this will keep you out of your seat and serving with everything you’ve got.

Let love be genuine. Abhor what is evil; hold fast to what is good. Love one another with brotherly affection. Outdo one another in showing honour. Do NOT BE SLOTHFUL in ZEAL, be fervent in spirit. SERVE THE LORD. Rejoice in HOPE, be patient in tribulation, be constant in prayer. Contribute to the needs of the saints and SEEK to show hospitality.
— Romans 12:9-13

I believe servanthood is a lifelong decision. It is easy to serve because of motivation, but it will not last without REVELATION. Revelation is found in the word of God and is the WHY behind what we do to serve. This revelation of servanthood should flow into every other area of our life, which in essence breeds consistency and maturity in our walk with Christ. Servanthood to God is an act of Worship.

Servanthood is the overflow of being with Jesus. Spend time with Jesus, and talk about spending time with Jesus. This communicates that Jesus is the source of teaching us about servanthood.

Communication is extremely powerful in cultivating a culture of servanthood. Communication brings light to everything. It protects people from being confused, disillusioned and breaks the wall of assumption.

// We can’t expect what we do not express.

Talking about a culture of servanthood and its importance to our faith is vital. Talking about a culture of servanthood and its value to our worship is vital.

We have a culture for our youth team here at Oxford Falls;

// We are Worshippers, We are Excellent, We are here to Serve, and We are Family.

This culture is spoken about all the time. This culture is also CELEBRATED and we honour people constantly who are an example of this. It is important to acknowledge those who constantly serve when no one is looking, or do the tasks that are seemingly less showcased. It is important to leave your emotions at the door. When we come together we are there to serve the church and each other, not to be dictated by our emotions, offence, jealousy, or pride.

How often do we underestimate the practical elements in creating a culture of servanthood?
Here are some practical thoughts to help cultivate this culture:

  • Writing back to text messages quickly. 
  • Listening intentionally when the leader is speaking.
  • Smiling while they are sharing.
  • Having a relaxed demeanour during rehearsals.
  • Have a genuine interest in people's lives! - the highs and lows.
  • When people arrive greet them with a hug and a conversation.

I believe that a culture of servanthood is important because it always points to Jesus. Christ is, and must be the centre of all we do. When we serve with the right motivation, we are worshipping Jesus. In my experience, we have the opportunity to create an atmosphere. We either create an atmosphere that builds culture, or opposes culture.

// Be the example.

Take responsibility to be the culture you want to see. Consistency in this across all different teams will build people's trust and respect for you as a leader. I have learnt that I am not responsible for how other people act when serving on a team, but I am responsible for my own words, behaviour, and attitude. Allowing the Holy Spirit to point me to Jesus helps get my heart in the right place.

Pray Passionately.
Smile Always.
Laugh Lots.
Plan Well.
Eat Together.
Honour Genuinely.
Serve with Love.

Charlotte Exton

Charlotte Exton is a gifted worship leader, songwriter and all-round creative mind. She has been part of our worship team for many years, and currently serves with the C3 Youth team, across Sydney. Alongside her husband Tim, Charlotte is passionate about people finding their voice, and thriving in the house of God.
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