Atmosphere Creators

Ministry From The Keys

How we see what we do directly determines the outcome of what we do. There are two ways to see what we do as keys players. The first is to play unnoticed, unobtrusive background music behind a meeting leader or preacher. The second is to see it as a weapon in our hands to be used without apology, to bind up the broken hearted and set the captives free. I’m not talking about an arrogant kind of confidence, but the kind of confidence that comes from true humility - knowing who we are, and what we have been called to as keys players. I truly believe that there is a specific anointing on keys players, to sensitively and boldly minister healing with our playing.


Think about the smooth stones that David chose when he courageously took his steps towards Goliath. I’m sure we’d agree that smooth stones aren’t the obvious instrument for waging war. Yet all along, those smooth stones were purposed by God to be used as weapons in David’s hands. We must understand that some things we may have considered to be insignificant smooth stones are actually weapons of great power.

At times it’s not what’s in our hands that might hold us back. It’s not our gifting, not our talent, and not our personality. It’s not our chords, not our voicings, and not our musicality. Rather, it’s the way we perceive what we carry, and therefore the attitude with which we carry it that has the greatest impact. We must know who we are and what we carry, and play knowing we can bring healing and deliverance. Breakthrough comes when we play as if we are holding a weapon in our hands, without timidity or fear.

In my own experience, it can be difficult to carry your gifting with this sort of confidence. Perhaps you haven’t felt empowered to do so, or you feel like you haven’t been given the permission to be as confident as you would like to be in a worship set, while playing behind a speaker, or while playing in an altar call. I have never felt the anointing land on my playing when I’ve been overly concerned about what people think or I've focused on the opinion of the person I am playing behind. I’ve learned over time that preachers, meeting leaders and altar call takers are not overly concerned with what chords you’re playing, the volume, or the tone, rather they are mostly focused on the anointing and the presence of God being in the meeting. As keys players, we are partly responsible for bringing that anointing.

We are atmosphere creators.

I’ve figured out that 99% of the time, the anointing isn’t about the mechanics of what I am playing. It is about the internal, not the external. Every time I have allowed the fear of man to disconnect me from my confidence in what I carry, or I have allowed Goliath to intimidate me, or I have doubted the smooth stones God has given me as weapons, they are the times that things have gone wrong. Those moments had nothing to do with what I was playing on the outside, and everything to do with my internal posture. When I have played from a place of trust, confidence, and conviction, I’ve felt God use me the most.

God wants each of us to hold what we do with strength, power, and sensitivity to the spirit, like we are holding a powerful weapon. He wants us to step out, and step into the calling He has upon us as keys players. He wants us to take what he has put in our hands, and with renewed confidence, use it to build the Church, bless the people, and help bring people closer to Christ every time we play.

Hailing from the UK, Ryan Gilpin has years of experience serving and leading worship teams. An accomplished musician, vocalist and songwriter, Ryan is a key part of our team here at C3 Oxford falls, and lectures regularly at C3 College.
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