Asia Tour 2016

This month we took the team on the road to Asia to launch our new album ABIDE. One of the greatest privileges we have is to lead people in worship and I love that we get to do this as a team, not a worship band, but a team.  

This album has really gone back to our foundations, putting Jesus at the centre of our worship. We put aside all other agendas and focused on our House and giving people words to sing, to declare to our God and over their situations. The power of life and death is in the tongue. There are a lot of people who form their theology and their view of God from our worship songs. The songs we write, the words we pen, are so important. As a team we never take that lightly. We want to give people life – to serve them Jesus.  

Singapore photos by Michelle Esmée Toh (@tohtohchan)

One of the greatest moments of worshipping with congregations in Asia was seeing full altar calls with people responding to follow Christ. Our worship should be electric. Our worship should personify our mighty God. Our worship should lead people straight to Him.  

We know that to abide in Christ is not passive but it’s active, it's alive, a daily walk with Him. We don’t sit back, but we walk through. We walk by the streams, through the valley, all of it with Christ.  

We pray these songs are tools and weapons that break open Heaven in your church the way it has in ours.

Chrissy x

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