A Life Of Honour

Honour, character, integrity, values

These are some of my favourite words. They are the core of an individual, they are what make up each one of us. In Middle Eastern culture, honour is a huge part of the way we relate to one another. For example, standing up when someone older than you walks into the room is something we are taught to do as a sign of respect. It’s about placing value on the people around us, on the relationships we have, especially those that are above us. 

'The elders who direct the affairs of the church well are worthy of double honour, especially those whose work is preaching and teaching.'  1 Timothy 5:17

As children, we should honour our parents. As students, we should honour our teachers. As players, we should honour our coaches. As employees, we should honour our bosses. As worshippers, we should honour God through each other. 

Living in a community like that teaches us to do what we should be doing, rather than what we may want to be doing. In the same way, our worship team is a community that can embrace this culture in alignment with our leaders. 

What does this look like? 

  • It can be as simple as always keeping an attitude of love and respect towards one another, no matter what the circumstance may be.
  • Staying in communication with leadership and whole-heartedly serving the vision. 
  • Speaking well of our worship leaders and always upholding what they have in their heart. 
  • Remembering that it is never about us - It is about the team, and it is about honouring the person that has been appointed to lead the team. 

I love what Romans 12:10 has to say about this:
'Love one another with brotherly affection. Outdo one another in showing honour.'

To me that means to go out of my way in bringing honour to those around me. To those that might be in our teams, and to those that lead our teams. Whether it is “deserved” or not shouldn’t matter, because this is what shifts that culture and gives the opportunity for many of us to rise even further. 

'These people come near to Me with their mouth and honour Me with their lips, but their hearts are far from Me.' Isaiah 29:13

Living with honour points back to who God is, so that we can see who we are. It brings perspective. We won’t be a generation that only talks, without authenticity or character. Let’s outdo each other in our actions. Remember names, pray for each other, show gratitude, buy coffees, encourage, be secure enough to allow others to grow and genuinely value one another. Holding each other in high esteem is not only the key to health and growth, but it more importantly brings our worship off the stage and honours Jesus in the way we care for His House and His people. 

I believe the more we draw from this, the greater we become! 

Brad Sabat is part of the C3 Sydney Worship Team and Music Director at the C3 Silverwater location. He began serving over 10 years ago, using rap/spoken word and playing drums and keys to continue building the church.
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