ABIDE - The Journey


I don’t have 10 tips on worship leading or the secret method on how to write a worship song...but what I do have is an inside perspective in creating our upcoming album ABIDE.

This record was definitely a journey, in both my own personal world and within our whole team. As there is with every creative process there were plenty of highs and lows, a lot of laughs, moments of frustration and countless memories made...but if I were to attempt to sum up the road we travelled, I would say this:

We wanted to capture what it looks, feels, and sounds like to live and breathe "In Him" (Christ). In essence capturing again the “why” within what we do. Throwing our caution to the wind, letting our fractured walls fall into the dust at the feet of Jesus and run, faults and all, to take hold of the grace that he has given us, enabling us to live our lives in Christ.

With Christ at the very centre of our focus, we sought to recapture the authenticity, that true relationship with Him, and to let that speak, to let that become our confidence, our motivation, our voice, our sound. To learn to shake off our own doubts and insecurities and to stand up on the inside and let our voices be heard, let His voice within us shout! My prayer from the beginning of this album's process has been this “...At the end of this record, when all is said and done, may people not see or hear us, but may they see and hear only one thing...Jesus.” 

So from myself and on behalf of the whole C3 Music team, we hope you love every second of this record as much as we enjoyed making it!


Jordi White is a key musician, songwriter & producer and is a major part of our team at C3 Oxford Falls. He has produced several of our church albums including Pilgrims, Breathe & Abide.


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