6 Keys To Being A Dream Team Player

1.  Find Your Security In God

Don’t find security in what you do because when it changes (and it will), you will resist the change. What you do is an act of service and if it changes tomorrow you are still ok.

I am not ‘Chrissy the keys player’. I am Chrissy, and one of the things I do is play keys. Hold positions lightly but cling to God.

2.  Be A ‘Yes’ Person

Let your yes be yes. Be true to your word but always be ready to say yes to God. The journey isn’t less rocky but the reward is great!

I’m here to serve and my service comes with no strings attached. True service has no conditions attached. Jesus didn’t serve with a list of demands. He just served.

3.  Prioritise The Word & Prayer

Be a person committed to the word and prayer daily. What’s inside is coming out so always let that be pleasing to God. In the quiet I find my rest. Know how to fight and know how to rest.

4.  Be Ready

Just like the scouts, always be prepared. Learn your parts. The team rely on you. The church relies on you. Your pastor relies on you. Be ready and be on time. Bring God your best – worship Him with the finest of offerings.

5.  Be A Person Who Honours

Speak well of people. Let praise always be on your lips. Show honour where honour is due. Honour your pastor and leaders. Honour people’s time – it’s not just about being polite or saying the right things, you SHOW honour in your actions.

6.  Be Committed To Personal Growth/Be Teachable

There is ALWAYS something to learn. There is always someone further along the journey than you. There is always someone with a different perspective. Be a person that seeks advice and puts it into practice. Don’t ask someone advice if you aren’t going to use it! 

The bible talks a lot about wisdom and getting good counsel – life will go well for you. 

Ask God to show you areas you need to work on…don’t wait for Him to bring it up, be constantly pursuing being the best YOU, you can be.


Chrissy x


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