5 Qualities Of A Great Worship Team Member

Over the years I have found myself in the midst of teams, as well as leading them. Here are some of my thoughts around qualities that make a great worship team member. 


1.     They understand the importance and power of unity

// They champion the vision of the church, team and leaders, and they are responsive and vocal about it.

// They esteem others! They celebrate the wins of the team and individuals.

 // They always speak well of church, team, and leadership. 


2.     They always come prepared and ready

// They learn the songs. They know the repertoire.

 // They maintain their instruments and gear at a professional level.

 // They always bring their best to the platform, and they understand that this is a part of their worship. 


3.      They are teachable

 // They are willing and eager to learn.

 // They don’t just wait to be told, they are pro-active in asking ‘what can I do better?’.

 // They have the maturity and humility to handle correction, even when it is something that they may find hard to hear.

4.     They are consistent

// They always have an attitude of excellence.

 // They live, not without, but above their emotions.

 // They are always warm, friendly and kind. They are approachable and relational.

 // They are loyal, reliable and faithful.

5.     They pray and read their bible

 // They have a devotional life of their own.

 // They prioritise their relationship with Jesus.

 // They are regularly in prayer and the word of God

 // They are a worshiper!

Dan Korocz is the Music Director at C3 Church Oxford Falls in Sydney Australia. Having started as a worship leader in youth when he was 15, he now oversees 250 musicians and singers across all locations and services.


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