10 Things A Worship Leader Shouldn’t Do…

1. Don’t rebuke or chastise the congregation

Never take your frustration out on the church. It will only make a tough meeting tougher. Love the church. Love the people. Encourage and inspire them. 

2. Don’t rely on the teleprompter screen for lyrics

Learn the songs! Having to worry and think about lyrics distracts you from engaging with the congregation and flowing with the Holy Spirit. 

3. Don’t pick songs you can’t sing

Know your voice. Know what your voice is and isn’t capable of. Be secure in that. Pick songs that suit your voice and are in the right vocal register for you. 

4. Don’t dress inappropriately

Clothing that is uncomfortable will agitate you. Clothing that is restrictive will hinder you. Clothing that draws attention to itself will be a distraction for people.    

5. Don’t be a diva

Turn up early. Be the last to leave. Set up & pack down your own gear. Get your own bottle of water. Get someone else a bottle of water. Be a team player. Be humble

6. Don’t sit backstage during the sermon

Think about what message you are sending the church if you aren’t in the room for the preaching of the word. Be in the room! Get off Facebook. Take notes. Cheer your pastor on.

7. Don’t compare yourself to others

Know who you are in Christ. Know what the word of God says. Be secure. Be content. Love Jesus. He is the prize. He is the goal. Keep your eyes on Him. 

8. Don’t give your thoughts on life

There’s nothing wrong with talking in between songs as long as it’s short, concise, and to point. Speak truth. Speak the word of God. Point people to Jesus. 

9. Don’t underestimate the importance of prayer

Spiritually prepare as much, if not more than you would physically and practically prepare. Pray about the songs. Pray for the service. Pray that people would meet Christ. 

10. Don’t forget what it’s all about  

Whether there are fifty, five hundred or five thousand people in the room, leading worship is to an audience of one. 




Dan Korocz is the Music Director at C3 Church Oxford Falls in Sydney Australia. Having started as a worship leader in youth when he was 15, he now oversees 250 musicians and singers across all locations and services.


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